- Vacation on the islands of Hitra -

  • Hansstua


    Large house with good atmosphere and fully furnished.
    Contains everything needed for daily household.

  • Terrassen


    Two covered terraces.

  • garden

    Kitchen Garden

    Ca. 400 m2 kitchen garden with a rich and varied range of different varieties of vegetables, herbs and berries. Both annuals and perennials. Potatoes we have in another field. Greenhouse with tomatoes, cucumber and chili with more.

  • nausterkaia

    Boathouse and docks where the boats are moored

    Starting point for all trips on sea.
    Situated approximately 800 meters from Hansstua, lovely walk.

  • utleiebaater

    Rental boats

    Rental of boats, 2 pcs.

    Read more here

  • Forest cabin

    Collection Site for open fires and barbecues in the forest on Helgebostad.
    Approx 4 km from Hansstua. Car can be used almost entirely to the cabin.

  • A taste of the sea

    How about a picnic or pop-up lunch for several out in the archipelago?
    Fishing … go exploring the shoreline…

  • Nature

    Nature at Hitra in the south, west and north is characterized by the occasionally harsh weather with bare coastal heathlands, while inland are pine forests, mountain terrain and large marshes like the large area Havmyran nature reserve.

    Look at more pictures here

  • The helgebostad bridge

    A good place to fish know if it is bad weather at sea. Or just because you wanna give it a try.
    Popular for many in the summer months.


Hitra is the largest island in the middle of Norway and consists of 2500 islands, islets and reefs. One of these is Helgebostad located on the north / west side of the island . The name Helgebostad comes from ancient “sacred residence “, possibly the Vikings gave the island its name. There are traces of the Vikings in the form of burial mounds on the island.

About  half of the island has the archipelago and sea as its nearest neighbor. Around the second half of the island extends a fjord. The island has varied and beautiful scenery with many walks both on Helgebostad and Hitra. Northern Europe’s densest deer tribe with about 6,000 animals can be found on Hitra. Rich bird life, waterbirds, seabirds and eagles. The sea has different fish species. Cod, haddock, coalfish, mackerel, herring, ling and halibut to mention a few. If you are lucky you can see whales, orcas and porpoises (one delfinart). In the archipelago outside  Helgebostad there are very good diving conditions with a rich biodiversity.

All activities that occur on or by the sea depends on weather condition.



- Enjoying what nature gives us -


We take you to the sea and on land

At sea

Fishingtrip with bigger boat
Fishingtrip with bigger boat, the trip goes over several hours. By appointment.
Archipelago tour with picnic
Archipelago tour with picnic. We make forays in the appropriate place.
Birds and eagle safari by boat and guide.
Trips to sea booked in advance or on arrival.
Fishing with nets
Fishing with nets for herring, flounder or cod. Depending on the season.

On Land

Trip to forest cabin with bonfires and barbecues
By appointment.
Freshwater fishing
Hitra has many exciting fishing opportunities and over 1,000 fishing lakes to choose from, most trout, some even with char.
The season lasts from 01.01 to 31.08.
Read more and buy fishing licenses on inatur.no.
Fishing licenses are also sold various places on Hitra.
We help you find great places for excursions and picnic
Longer tours
Both Hitra and Helgebostad has lots of great walks, both longer and shorter. Ask us.

Current weather

the house

- A short description of and the accommodation and rental possibilities -

per night

The House

The House is rented out on a weekly basis or for the weekend. If you are looking for B&B this can be offered by availability. The house has a total of 11 beds and is suitable for smaller and lager groups.

Here we present you a short description of all the rooms.

We also offer customized arrangements for those interested in fishing vacations, or one of our workshops and recreational retreats, and last but not least for the food enthusiast we offer a special Bed & Veggie deal. Read more about this here.

per night


2 beds approx. 1.20 cm wide

per night


Bunk bed with space for 2 and a single bed.

per night


1 double bed
Located in 1 floor.

  • Inside

  • Outside campfire

per night

Forest Cabin

Collection Site for open fires and barbecues in the forest on Helgebostad.
Approx. 4 km from Hansstua. Car can be used almost entirely to the cabin.

per night


2 single beds
Has availability through sørloftet.

per night


Double bed
Possibility to insert extra bed. This room review to ytterloftet, the bedroom Ytterloftet lies within.

per night


Here you can take a quiet moment or sing in the shower.
Bathroom also on the second floor.

per night


Fully equipped kitchen.
Today’s catch in the pot?

per night

Living room

Sink into the sofa and enjoy the warmth of the wood stove.
Let your mind roam or what about an exciting chat about life …


Rent the whole house: per week: 8000 NOK
Rent the whole house: Weekend: 3000 NOK

Final cleaning, if you dont want to do this yourself, is an 800 NOK in addition.

Rent the whole house one day: 1500 included final cleaning.
(Note; the house should be cleared and the dishes cleared away)


Boats comes in addition to the rental price for the house:

Fibreglass boat, 518 cm long with 15 hp engine. This is suitable for 4 persons.
1 weeks rental at the same time as the house: 1500 NOK

Fibreglass boat, 518 cm long with 25 hp motor and sonar. This is suitable for 6 persons.
1 week rental at the same time as the house: 2500 NOK

We can help you to convey the lease of larger boats, fully equipped, aliminium boats with larger engine with an external party in this same area.

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  • Once again this year we were in Norwegen.Who has once visited the country goes there again and again.
    We are received very well for many years by Henki and Sølvi on Helgebostadt, they are almost like family to us.
    We like the small island very much, especially quietness. Here you can really switch off from everyday stress.
    The house is cozy and modern. A boat for fishing is available and we have always driven home with fish.
    For the next year Helgebostadt will certainly be back on our holiday list.

    by Udo Schaffner
  • The first time we were on Helgebostad was in 1997. We had been to Norway 3 times before, but during this vacation Henki and Sølvi were so special that we just “had” come back year after year. We were welcomed so warmly, almost as friends. The two were always available. If we had questions or we needed help, Henki and Sølvi arranged it. The whole concept the house, environment and the people living on Helgebostad suited us so well, that we after the 6th year of holiday there on a row, we decided to move here. This was 12 years ago and we still enjoy it here.

    by Kristine Kappus
  • Super 🙂 Newly decorated, cozy, nice and clean – and super friendly host.

    by Hanne Ferangen, Røros, Norway

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