• Hansstua


    Large house with good atmosphere and fully furnished.
    Contains everything needed for daily household.

  • Terraces

    The house has a garden area with sunny conditions.

  • nausterkaia

    Boathouse and docks where the boats are moored

    Starting point for all trips on sea.
    Situated approximately 800 meters from Hansstua, lovely walk.

  • utleiebaater

    Rental boats

    Rental of boats, 2 pcs.

    Read more here

  • Forest cabin

    Collection Site for open fires and barbecues in the forest on Helgebostad.
    Approx 4 km from Hansstua. Car can be used almost entirely to the cabin.

  • Nature

    Nature at Hitra in the south, west and north is characterized by the occasionally harsh weather with bare coastal heathlands, while inland are pine forests, mountain terrain and large marshes like the large area Havmyran nature reserve.

    Look at more pictures here

  • The helgebostad bridge

    A good place to fish know if it is bad weather at sea. Or just because you wanna give it a try.
    Popular for many in the summer months.


Hitra is the largest island in the middle of Norway and consists of 2500 islands, islets and reefs. One of these is Helgebostad located on the north / west side of the island . The name Helgebostad comes from ancient “sacred residence “, possibly the Vikings gave the island its name. There are traces of the Vikings in the form of burial mounds on the island.

About  half of the island has the archipelago and sea as its nearest neighbor. Around the second half of the island extends a fjord. The island has varied and beautiful scenery with many walks both on Helgebostad and Hitra. Northern Europe’s densest deer tribe with about 6,000 animals can be found on Hitra. Rich bird life, waterbirds, seabirds and eagles. The sea has different fish species. Cod, haddock, coalfish, mackerel, herring, ling and halibut to mention a few. If you are lucky you can see whales, orcas and porpoises (one delfinart). In the archipelago outside  Helgebostad there are very good diving conditions with a rich biodiversity.

All activities that occur on or by the sea depends on weather condition.


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